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Finding a Loan Officer

Choosing reliable and knowledgeable loan officer is key for home purchasing, as well as choosing realtor. It is not choosing from lenders, choosing right loan officer make your loan processing smoothly.

Consulting with Loan Officer to determine your budget

When you consider purchasing a home, you must know your budget.  Loan officer gives you financial advice, your budget and loan per-approval letter based on you financial information. If you need help to find a good loan officer, your realtor will refer best officers to choose.

Why do you need loan pre-approval letter?

To getting pre-approval letter is very important to know your budget,

and all seller request offer with pre-approval letter.

Pre-approval letter is proof to show seller that buyer can afford to buy

a house when buyer submit an offer.   

What do you need to get loan pre-approval?

These are basic items that all lenders need for your loan pre-approval. Each lender requirements are different, please ask your loan officer for more information
  • W-2 form for the past two years(or complete tax returns if self-employed)
  • Most recent pay stubs covering at last 30days
  • Last 2months' bank statement of all accounts
  • Names, and addresses, and account numbers of all creditors

Tips for a Smooth Loan Approval

DO's and DON'Ts List to avoid any delays with loan application

  • DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments
  • DO stay current on all existing accounts
  • DO keep working at your current employer
  • DO keep your same insurance company
  • DO continue living at your current residence
  • DO continue to use your credit as normal
  • DO call your loan officer if you have any questions
  • DON'T make a major purchase(car, boat, fur jewelry etc.)
  • DON'T apply new credit(even if you seem pre-approval)
  • DON'T open new credit cards.
  • DON'T transfer any balance from one account to another
  • DON'T pay off charge without a discussion with your loan officer first
  • DON'T pay off collections without a discussion with your loan officer first
  • DON'T buy any furniture before close of escrow
  • DON'T close any credit card accounts
  • DON'T change bank accounts
  • DON'T max out or over charge your credit card accounts
  • DON'T consolidate your debt on to 1 or 2 credit cards
  • DON'T take out new loan
  • DON'T start any home improvement project
  • DON'T finance any elective medical projects
  • DON'T open new cellular phone account
  • DON'T join a new fitness club
  • DON'T pay off any loans or credit cards without discussing it with your loan officer