Thinking about Selling Your Home?

COVID-19, the impact of fear and threat are huge for people economically. Uncertain periods of Shelter in Home order make us more anxious.  But at the same time,  some retired age of group start thinking about moveout from the expensive Bay Area to affordable states or countries.  Is it a good time to sell? The answer is "YES" it is an excellent time to sell now. Of course, market activities are limited now, but low-interest rates, fewer inventories, and solid buyers are looking for a home. It is a good time to prepare to do DIY work to sell when the time comes.  Currently, real estate activities are suspended face to face activities such as open house, showing properties,

and appointment with sellers and buyers in person, etc., for three weeks. Still, we can consult with sellers or buyers' needs by email, face time, or phone.  We are expecting busy market activities, once COVID-19 is settled.  If you concern about your real estate needs, please contact me. 

I will give you a Free Home Evaluation. 

Hatsumi Takahashi

Haatsumi Takahashi Bay Area Real Estate

Broker Associate - HomeSmart Bay Area